“Working through Cover That Shift is helping me better myself as a barista, learn the different ways of working with different coffee brands and experience different espresso tastes. It’s all a learning experience and I’m happy to be on board. Thanks again guys!” 
—Meisha Hudson

“Cover That Shift is great! My first shift was at the Bushwick Grind and the shop is awesome. The owners were kind and super helpful in learning the shops flow. My account manager for Cover that shift is super helpful and timely in answering any questions or concerns!”
—William Lee

"I would highly recommend joining Cover That Shift. If you have availability in your schedule and want to fill those gaps, it’s a great avenue. I always thought it would be cool to be a freelance barista, but wasn't sure how to do that for myself. Now I don’t have to, because this exists."
—Adam Kampouris

"Going into a new shop with Cover That Shift is cool - it kind of forces me to be on my feet and prepared. I get to really use all of my skills from all the coffee shops I’ve worked at."
—Gabi Pawelec

“I’m excited to hopefully grab more shifts in the future! It was a great experience”
—Sam Marvin