BESFREN is a modern cafe known for their artistically hand-crafted desserts that combine traditional Korean rice based pastries with creative flavors. They present signature cakes and pastries, Toby's Estate coffee, and drinks infused with ginseng and natural flavorsome ingredients.


BESFREN is looking to hire a barista and wants someone who has knowledge of coffee and an appreciation of the finer points of making a quality cup of coffee. The candidate is also expected to be able to handle large quantities of quality drinks during peak time and maintain a cleanliness and organization at the bar. It is essential to have professional customer service for this position.

There is also an open position for General Manager. Ideally, this is someone who was previously a shift lead and/or has experience in hospitality, training, ordering, and scheduling tasks. In addition, they prefer the candidate starts as a part timer first to prove that they would be a good fit with BESFREN.

Please specify in your application which position you're interested in and explain why!


  • 6+ months experience in specialty coffee
  • Punctual and responsible with schedules
  • Must have open (6:30am-3:00pm, 3 days a week at least) schedule availability
  • Latte Art skills required (ability to do a heart)
  • Proficient in manual coffee machines
  • Knowledge and ability to dial in espresso
  • Able to work well as part of a team
  • Able to multi-task efficiently and learn other drink recipes - they have various menus other than espresso drinks
  • Don't worry too much about the requirements above, as they’re gladly ready to provide training to candidates who are passionate/serious about this role

Salary based on experience