New York City

HALL is a very new cafe style coffee shop with food made daily for morning and lunch. They are looking for someone with solid knowledge of coffee, but also interested in the Food and Beverage industry in general as well!


  • Deliver espresso drinks or regular brew coffee in quality and maintain consistency

  • Work with other team members effectively and expedite process in busy environment

  • Limited and light sever duties during busy lunch hours

  • Service in a friendly and delightful manner

  • Punctual and responsible are key qualifications in this position

Ideal Team Member

  • Personal Hygiene is basic and critical

  • Organized

  • Consistent in quality of every craft coffee drink delivered

  • Reliable and detail-oriented in terms of work ethics and conduct

  • Dedicated to team and guests

  • Understand and value the culture of HALL Café


  • Knowledge of Dial In

  • Latte Art with different types of milk alternative

  • Basic understanding of portion and measurement of good taste

  • Organization and prioritization skills


Salary base is $13.50 and $15.00 after 2 months; Plus cash and credit tips from lunch as well.