Central Waterfront, San Francisco

If you love serving amazing coffee and wine, if you want to work with organic ingredients and locally produced food, if being part of a small team of vibrant individuals excites you and you want to share your enthusiasm with the guests, if you can work with little to no supervision because you're just that good - Caffe La Stazione might be the place for you.


Caffe La Stazione is looking for someone with the creative freedom to serve a wide variety of high quality espresso drinks at a fast pace. This part-time barista will also need to make a variety of sandwiches and smoothies. They will have to provide excellent customer service that includes engaging in conversation with patrons. Three to four days a week is necessary with occasional weekend shifts necessary.


  • Must have an understanding of the Third Wave Coffee culture
  •  Must enjoy talking to customers
  • Must possess a working knowledge of using an espresso machine
  • Must have a true passion for quality
  • Must be able to work independently, with minimal supervision
  • Must be flexible and adaptable
  • Must be exceptionally clean, highly organized, great with time-management, and make excellent use of down time
  • Must have an excellent work ethic: professional, punctual, reliable, enthusiastic, and hard-working
  • Must be able to multi-task and coordinate multiple orders from customers

Salary is based on experience