Bay Area

Panama Bay Coffee is a trendy coffeehouse that offers espresso drinks & treats in a tropical-themed venue with sidewalk seating. The heart of what Panama Bay is about is "Making a difference with the people they meet." Panama Bay prides itself on being in the business of serving people; they believe that it starts with being extraordinary in providing hospitality to others and where it leads generally depends on the people working.


Panama Bay Coffee is looking for a few great people who would enjoy getting their hands in some coffee and are interested in being a part of creating something exciting. Being a barista at Panama Bay is defined as. . . "Thousands of opportunities daily to positively impact the lives of the people the barista is working with and the lives of the people the barista meets". While Panama values experience and having people skills, they are more interested in who the ideal candidate is as a person and their willingness to learn and to be part of a team and grow, rather than what the candidate knows. .

This is the perfect opportunity for applicants who enjoy helping others and would look to embrace being part of something special.  This role is for people who'd like to be in an environment where having fun is part of the job, and for those who would like to work with a company that cares about its staff. And yes, Panama Bay Coffee can never have enough coffee lovers apply, so give it a try!


  • 1+ years barista experience
  • Passionate about coffee and providing a great experience for guests
  • A willingness to grow personally and professionally
  • Curiosity in helping others
  • Ability to be humble
  • Having a lot of energy
  • Being a little weird :)
  • A desire to make a positive difference with everyone
  • Must be at least 18 years old

Salary based on experience