Gramercy, Manhattan

Piccolo Cafe is a proud team of caterers who offer the most genuine, delicious Italian food and specialty coffee that you will find anywhere in the Big Apple. They don’t make their promises lightly - it’s just the truth.

The team at Piccolo Cafe is looking for a full time employee, someone wanted for counter service at this popular Italian cafe in Gramercy. This is a neighborhood cafe, so their baristas get to know their regular crowd. This person must be able to handle a manual espresso machine and a Square register. They should also be comfortable with working solo shifts.

  • Must have two years of experience in specialty coffee
  • Must have knowledge on coffee brewing methods
  • Must be punctual and reliable as this person will be working solo shifts
  • Must love Italian food!
  • Latte art skills
  • Food handler’s certificate preferred for NYC

Salary based on experience