Bay Area

Sightglass Coffee strives to cultivate a distinct and immersive experience for both employees and customers in and around their coffee bars. To accomplish this, Sightglass Coffee employs a team of truly passionate and talented individuals who possess a genuine drive, curiosity, and desire to learn about their craft and the intricacies that set them apart.


Baristas are responsible for contributing to the distinct, educated, and unmatched coffee experience the company strives to provide in and around the coffee bars

Ideal Team Member

  • Demonstrates an enthusiastic desire to work with coffee

  • Maintains an organized and methodical work style


  • Ability to function within a team

  • Ability to retain coffee specific knowledge of current offerings, while exhibiting confidence and clarity when communicating product information

  • Capable of executing multiple tasks at once

  • Capable of remaining composed under stress

  • Possesses exceptional level of customer service and professionalism


Salary based on experience