Cafe Manager

Solshine will be a high end coffee shop that delivers an A+ coffee experience. They provide affordable luxury to their clientele. This is a small shop - about 800 sf - at launch. It will be organized around a large bar where customers can interact with the baristas.


Solshine is hiring a Cafe Manager to join their team! They are in real estate, and are looking to attract a coffee professional to grow a coffee business within their real estate portfolio. They need a partner to work with who can launch the business and then grow it with them. They want you to be in charge and will share in the growth of the enterprise.

It is a rare Opportunity for a coffee aficionado to assume full operation for high end artisan cafe opening in January in Livingston, NJ, located 20 miles west of NYC. This person has all the responsibilities of an owner, to include food/beverage prep, marketing, hiring/training/supervising staff, customer service, inventory management, etc.

As you are acting like an owner, you will be given a competitive ownership stake. This is a great way to own a business without having to invest any money.


  • Be a stellar barista, able to create perfect coffee drinks that taste and present with excellence

  • Must be a latte artist and have a fine coffee palette

  • Be a passionate coffee professional and love teaching customers. You must love education!

  • Have experience managing a store including hiring and firing

  • Have a desire to compete and build a thriving shop that will destroy the Starbucks that is located across the street

  • Expert in laying out a new shop, so you can take the lead on the layout as well as assist in determine the equipment

  • Have 2+ years experience in high end cafe management, including food/beverage prep

  • Bachelor’s degree preferred

  • In addition, candidates must be passionate about coffee, want to taste it, breathe it and live with it all day, every day

  • Experience with roasting is not required but is a strong plus as they would like to get into roasting at the appropriate time


Salary range starts at $45,000 + tips. Includes full benefits, ownership stake of at least 10%, and as an owner, you will get profit sharing distributed on a quarterly basis.