Brooklyn Heights, Brooklyn

Swallow Cafe is a great spot in Brooklyn Heights. This place is noted as one of the best study spots in Brooklyn as well as one of the best places to grab an espresso drink and a snack. Counter Culture is their main roaster, and employees have access to their training center and the various coffee classes they hold there.


They are looking for a friendly, capable barista to join our their staff full-time--weekends are a must. They are looking for someone with at least two years of NYC specialty coffee experience who is proficient with a standard La Marzocco or Nuove Simonelli espresso machine, can dial in espresso and pour latte art, and is comfortable with the occasional pour-over. They are looking for people who can work both quickly and efficiently during the morning and afternoon rush, and work productively alone during closing shifts. Employees should have a food handler's certificate and be comfortable with running/serving food prepared by our kitchen staff.


  • Must have a friendly, professional demeanor
  • Must provide cleanliness, punctuality, attention to detail
  • Must have a sense of urgency and ability to multitask
  • Must have a good understanding of third wave coffee and its preparation
  • NYC food handler's certificate or test date scheduled within a month of hire
  • Must be able to work weekends, and be available for 3-5 shifts a week


Salary is based on experience.