This mom and pop shop is a comfy, friendly coffee house & cafe. They have an espresso bar, breakfast, lunch and dinner menu.  They strive to serve both their local and global community through the ingredients they use and the choices they make.

They make a variety of scrumptious homemade baked goods, not to mention the ice cream and desserts. They mold and change to serve a variety of groups within their community including, but not limited to playgroups in the morning, book clubs, and local artists. They offer free wi-fi which keeps  students, business execs, and home schooled happy during all of their regular business hours.


The Treehouse Coffee Shop actively serves its local and global community through attention to quality service and product, sponsorship of a variety of charities, and acting as a comfy and friendly meeting place for all who walk through the front door. Actions speak louder than words. A Treehouse barista must show love to customers by exemplifying the following characteristics: Kindness, Initiative, Care for Quality, Positivity, Urgency toward customer needs, and Thoughtfulness. Thereby, the barista creates an irresistible atmosphere that keeps 'em coming back for more.


  • May be expected to work solo, but mostly will work alongside either the head or assistant baker

  • Prepare drinks and other menu items correctly and efficiently

  • Maintain cleanliness of food prep and dining areas

  • Greet and treat customers

  • Thoroughly complete shift task lists

  • Prepare homemade items as per Treehouse SOP (their secret recipes)


  • One year of experience in a coffee and working in a kitchen

  • Show love to customers

  • An enthusiasm for their work

  • An urgency toward customer needs

  • A positive attitude and a care for quality


Salary is based on experience